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Kelly Bowers

Kelly Bowers has been a massage therapist since 2000. She has been teaching and writing about the business of massage since 2003. She is the author of “The Accidental Business Owner: A Friendly Guide to Success for Health and Wellness Practitioners” (published by Handspring Press in October 2018). She is co-author with Margo Bowman of “Can I Deduct That? 100 Things You Can (and maybe can’t) Take As Business Deductions”. She is the author of “Before You Leap: Six Secrets to Make Your Passion A Real Business” (currently being updated). She is an NCBTMB-approved provider of continuing education. She lives and works in Durham NC.

The three most common types of work relationships for massage therapists are tenant, employee, and contractor. What sets these three relationships apart is the balance between control and responsibility: the more responsibility you have for something, the more you can exert control over it. The more control you have over… Read more…