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New Class Registration Buttons

At Massage CE Directory, our goal is to take the hassle out of massage CE classes so you can focus on education. This not only includes simplifying the process of finding massage classes, but also connecting with the CE provider for more information and ultimately registering for a class. While we don’t process any registrations directly, we do want to make that step as easy as possible for both massage therapists and CE providers. 🙂

We occasionally get inquiries from massage therapist interested in registering for a specific CE class. We have also received feedback from CE providers requesting the ability to provide a registration link in addition to a link to their primary website. Well….it’s here!

The desktop version of class listings now features a prominent “Register Now” button near the top of the page. This new call-to-action will take you directly to the class registration page if the CE provider has designated one. This should help eliminate any confusion about how to register for a massage CE class.


Massage CE Registration Button

Details For Massage CE Providers

“What about my current listings?”

Don’t worry. If you have listings that were published before this update and haven’t specified a “registration URL”, the button will simply link to your website. You can also edit your listings to update this at any time.

“What about bulk submissions?”

If you take advantage of our bulk submission program, just make sure you download the current template before sending your next batch. This will ensure that you have the option of designating a specific URL for class registrations.

“How do I add my massage CE classes to the directory?”

Getting on board is easy! If you have more than 5 classes to submit, bulk submissions are your best bet. If you have 5 or fewer classes, you may submit them individually using our “self-serve” form.