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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of ‘Massage CE Directory’ (MCED) are as follows:


“Students” refers to anyone using MCED for the purposes of research.

While the majority of massage CE classes and instructors listed on MCED are approved to provide continuing education (CE) credits and every effort is made to provide up to date and accurate information, MCED is not responsible for any inaccuracies in class, event, instructor, school, or business details published on the website. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm all information before registering for a class or making any other decisions based on information published on MCED.



“Instructors” refers to anyone submitting events or business listings.

“Listing(s)” refers to any events, businesses, or profiles submitted to MCED.

To prevent spam and maintain the quality of the directory, all submissions must be approved before being published. Most submissions are reviewed within 1-2 business days, but please be patient while we review your submissions.

All class submissions must be a live, in-person class. We currently do not accept online or distance learning classes.


Media & Licensing

You must hold the copyright to, or an appropriate license for, all media (photos, videos, etc) submitted with any listings. Submission of any media to MCED grants MCED a non-exclusive license to publish and distribute submitted media to it’s websites and social media properties. MCED may also edit submitted media from it’s original form. Such edits may include additional graphics for marketing purposes.


Bulk Submissions

A “bulk submission” process is available for Instructors that have many listings to add. This process allows for the importing of large amounts of listing data into your account and can save Instructors a tremendous amount of time over manually submitting listings one by one. Because it is such a powerful process, Instructors should double (and triple) check that all listing information is complete and accurate before sending their listing data to MCED. Instructors should ask any questions about how to format and send listing data before submitting their order(s).  Changes to bulk submissions cannot be made in bulk once the listings are published and scheduled for social media release. Instructors may edit listings individually through their account dashboard at any time once their listings have been published.



Any refunds that may be applied to orders are up to the sole discretion of MCED. We do not issue refunds for the following reasons:

  • Canceled classes for any reason.
  • Sold out classes.
  • Change of venue, date, or location.
  • Incorrect or improperly formatted class details provided by the Instructor.
  • Duplicate listing submissions
  • Partial social media distribution.


Account Status

User accounts may be suspended by MCED at any time for any reason.