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Introducing Bulk Submissions for Massage CE Classes

bulk massage CE submissions

Last year we surveyed massage CE providers to find out what their top challenges are with marketing massage CE classes. Not surprisingly, the two most popular responses were “time” and “money“. These are two obstacles that any business will face, and massage continuing education is no different.

Massage CE Directory helps CE providers promote their classes online via email, social media, and search engines from a single source. Our “self-serve” submission form has served as a digital launching pad to reach massage therapists across the Internet.

But we get it. Manually submitting massage classes one by one can be tedious. Especially if much of the information is the same from class to class. And especially if you have a team of massage CE instructors to manage.

Simply request our template spreadsheet, then complete and return it. We’ll send you a Paypal request, upload your class details for you, and distribute them to local massage therapists via email and social media. That’s it. Easy peasy! 😀

Same Great Features, Just Supercharged!

The new bulk submission spreadsheet supports the same details that our “self-serve” form includes – essential class details, extended description, custom images, embedded video, Google Maps, and links to your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Pick and choose which of these features will best help you tell your story and connect with your next group of students. Or take advantage of all of them! There’s no “one way” to do things and we want to support your process.

Then use your favorite spreadsheet editor to build out your entire massage CE schedule…from 1 class to 10, or even 100.

Plans Change, So Change With Them

Things don’t always go as planned. Managing logistics for numerous events is bound to lead to “surprises” from time to time. If it does, simply login to your account and update your massage class listings as needed. Massage CE Directory is designed to be fluid and dynamic, so you can adapt to those “surprises” if and when they arise.

Once your class listings are published, manage them anytime through your own personal dashboard.


Our goal is to to help massage CE providers overcome these marketing challenges and get back to educating future generations of massage therapists. Traditional advertising can cost an arm and a leg, but that shouldn’t prevent you from connecting with students eager to take your massage classes. Save yourself time and money with our bundled digital marketing services for massage continuing education.