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Massage Continuing Education Challenges [VIDEO]

Robert Gardner and Danielle Omo are two Austin-based massage therapists who met on Facebook before meeting in person to discuss issues within the massage industry. In this video, they discuss challenges specific to massage continuing education. There are many great points discussed, but one in particular (at 10:25) is key to the mission of Massage CE Directory. That is the importance of learning though live, in-person massage CE courses. Our profession is perhaps the one of the most tactile and kinesthetic there is. Picking up a new technique from online massage CE courses and how-to videos is okay, but ultimately can’t compare to the experience of receiving the work from instructors and experienced teaching assistants. Direct feedback from other therapists learning the material is invaluable as well.

The recent boom of online webinars and distance learning is great, but that medium falls short when teaching technique. With the abundance of online massage CE courses filling search engine results and Facebook posts for local CE courses getting lost among cat videos and other clutter, being able to quickly and easily access information about upcoming massage CE courses nearby is certainly challenging, if not nearly impossible. Massage CE Directory wants to change that.

Another topic of discussion in the video is innovation, particularly in the business realm when it comes to technology and marketing. We live in the “Information Age”, where virtually any bit of information is available at our finger tips within just a few seconds. But sourcing quality and affordable massage CE courses nearby can feel like an impossible task. It’s no wonder so many therapists end up putting this off until the last minute and turn to online massage classes simply for the ease and availability. Massage CE courses are just a small part of the world’s information, but being able to publish and access available CE courses on the fly can dramatically change the continuing education process for therapists and CE providers alike. Our goal is to remove the headache from the process of finding and/or marketing massage CE courses.

Continuing education should be fun and engaging, not a chore that gets in the way of our ultimate work as massage therapists….serving others!